Larmag Realty B.V.

armag Realty B.V. is a Dutch real estate holding company, with its head office at Overschiestraat 61, 1062 XD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, including its wholly owned German subsidiaries (to be referred to as the "Larmag Group").

he focus is mainly on real estate with the highest possible return without compromising the quality and assurance of a secured long-term stable income stream. This has been an important factor since the Larmag Group intends to pay in the future an attractive annual dividend to its present and future new shareholders without jeopardising the annual income to support the company's fixed payment such as interest, amortisation on mortgage, senior debt, interest on the junior mezzanine debt and maintenance and management costs etc. In the present market, the German real estate market seems to be the best market to meet these objectives. Larmag will focus on offices, shopping centres and warehouses as well as residential apartment buildings.