The total value of real estate acquired in Germany by Larmag between 2005 and 2008 was approximately Euro 1 billion. The interest in two of the three portfolios was disposed of gradually during 2008 and 2009.

Since 2008 the Larmag Group have been working on acquiring know-how relating to the renewable energy sector mainly in Europe and particularly in the solar business in Spain. 

As a result of this, Larmag Energy Group (LEG) was established in 2008.  LEG has continuously built up an international network for renewable energy and researched different opportunities and markets.  This resulted in acquiring a majority interest in a public listed company on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2010 for the purpose acquisitions and developments of renewable energy plants.


A number of real estate transactions were evaluated which resulted in an agreement to acquire a Swiss commercial real estate portfolio.


The Swiss real estate portfolio was sold at a profit for CHF 41m.


Larmag has evaluated and negotiated several real-estate portfolios in the Netherlands. In November Larmag & partners acquired a real estate portfolio in Amsterdam consisting of 12,755 m² office space generating an annual rental income of about Euro 1,9 million.


Larmag has continued to focus on the Netherlands and has established several new partnerships with international financial investorts for the purpose of acquiring real estate in the country. A larger transaction (€50m) is expected to be completed in mid September in partnership with a financial investor. Several other transactions are pending.


In the beginning of Q3 Larmag acquired two commercial properties in the Netherlands consisting of 6,600 m² office space generating an annual rental income of about Euro 0,65 million. Larmag is negotiating to acquire additonal commercial properties with a combined rental income of about Euro 15 million.